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Full Scale Branding

Our brand management team of experts begins with careful marketing research and analysis to build a creative brief to meet your specific needs. Then, before any work begins, we may sure we're on the same page as you with what we're trying to accomplish together.

Makes sense right? If you're brand marketing agency does just that, you'll be ahead of the curve and on your way to a successful campaign or program.
We take a full-team approach to our client's branding, advertising and strategic planning needs. In today's marketing world one department can't be driving success, it must be a thriving approach where all disciplines are connected and working together.

Web Development

We know how to listen. We know what to ask. And we know what you expect when you put us on a job - dependable skilled workers with professional courtesy and expertise.
Unlike other Web development companies, our partner, Elite Webdesigners, is only a part of the overall experience that The Candelabrum Group can provide for our clients.

We worry about creating business value for our clients from day one, and we can't do that without a close relationship. Our clients do not treat us as a vendor but rather as an extension of their company

Marketing Solution

Strategy -- Design -- Technology...
We specialize in helping businesses achieve their overall marketing goals. Unlike other marketing companies, our results speak for our quality and expertise. We don’t go after simply ‘ranking’ your website for certain terms, or passing out a few flyers from time to time, but through proper research and analysis, we work hard to get you the ROI that you need in your business. You’re here for one reason; you want to increase your business through branding and marketing. You want to reach customers you haven’t reached before. Results could be quantified by leads, sales, or brand awareness – whatever your objective is; our goal is to meet it with the highest ROI.

Videography Services

We have teamed up with My Ultimate Xperience, a firm who believes in reaching your audience through creative measures in order to help you stand out.
Through some of our affiliates, our video production team is top-notch and provides the best quality at affordable rates.
• High definition digital video
• Competitive prices
• Experienced & creative videographers
• Professional lighting & sound
• Professional digital video editing
• Multiple videography services
• Custom tailored to your specifications
• Memories that last for generations

folderlookYou likely have heard talk of branding one’s business, and surely you know branding when you see it even if you aren’t totally sure of what it is. The Golden Arches, bright primary colors, and ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ campaigns? I’m sure you guessed McDonald’s. The retro-styled DD, bright pink and orange color scheme, and ‘America Runs on Dunkin’ slogan? Dunkin Donuts has made an impact in our minds using these marketing tactics. These companies spend millions of dollars to be sure that they have bulletproof brand identities in place so we automatically make those associations.

Sure you think, these larger corporations need to have strong brand identities and can spend a ton of money on getting them just right. Don’t pass it off as just for the big guns, though…it is vital for small to medium size business to have strong brand identities as well, and you don’t need to drop millions to get there.

Here are a few benefits of branding your business:

  • A successful brand will create customer loyalty, and will constantly build awareness even when you are not engaged in an active marketing campaign. Consider your brand a marketing campaign that never ends.
  • Your brand image will show your clients and customers that you care enough to put forward a professional image, and have the diligence and creativity to present what makes you unique in your market.
  • Both new and established customers will place increased trust in your business.
  • Your branding lets customers visualize your services and offerings. It’s always good to put a ‘face to the name,’ so let your branding be the ‘face’ that your customers see.

Seriously considering your brand identity should be a priority for 2013. It is an investment in your business that will continue to pay back on itself as your company grows and expands.

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